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Rica Marie Arevalo
hello there!
I want you to know a bit about me on a human level instead of through my career experience as a designer. As you know, my name is Rica-Marie Arevalo. My last name was formerly Garcia (I got married & changed my last name). People often get confused with my first name thinking that Marie is my middle name, which it's the second part of my first name. I commonly say it's like Lisa Marie or Mary Kate; it's a double name. You can also call me by my nickname, Rica. I am a 1st generation Filipina-American, mother of two wonderful daughters, wife, designer, and artist. When I do have free time, I love to oil paint and draw. Fine arts was my first creative medium as an artist, and I have always loved to incorporate that part of art into my life. Also, I'm a newbie plant mother, which is bitter-sweet thanks to the covid quarantine lockdown phase that we’ve all experienced. I was raised in the Virginia Beach area. Then lived in New York City (Astoria, Queens) for roughly six years, where I met my now-husband (went on a 9-hour first date) and got married (not the same day, years later). Luckily we just happened to move while I was pregnant with my 1st daughter, right before the 1st covid outbreak which started in late 2019. I'm currently based out of the DMV area. This move has definitely been a change of scenery, compared to living in a big metropolitan city. I do miss living in NYC often, although this milestone move is a nice transition into family life; especially with more space for our growing family. When I'm not glued to my laptop, usually I'm busy spending wonderful family time with my daughter, newborn baby, and husband (Especially as my hyper toddler blasts Cocomelon & Baby Shark on repeat). Just like my career journey that consists of different chapters that build into one magnific experience, the same goes with my personal life.
If you want to know me more as a person and/or designer, please don't hesitate to reach out. Let's schedule a time, whether it's just to chat or to discuss a new opportunity. I am looking forward to potentially connecting with you.