Developed new UX flows for their redesigned app for people interested in generating quick customed websites within minutes by answering questions.

Webveloper is a web platform that produces a quick generic website through the information you input via a form. You will fill out a quick form about your business and within a few minutes the platform will generate a preview of your new customed website

My contribution: Updated the existing UI of the app to match the new redesigned branding. Created UX flows for the registration, account, dashboard, and template set up.

Adobe XD, Jira, Lucidcharts, InVision

My Role
Lead and sole UI/UX Designer — user interface design, and user experience design

1 Product Manager
1 Developer


Running a business time can slip away fast, especially as a business owner multiple tasking and managing different sections of their business. Having a platform that automatically generates a simple website is best for those busy business owners that are not tech-savvy, and that have a tight budget to spend on a customed website. Or they don’t have as much time to invest in their website and want something very quick.

Understanding the users
Target Audience

Webveloper is a web app to help business owners build a quick custom automated website. Typical users are small business owners that are not tech-savvy to build their own website and want a quick basic website with their information so customers can get access to their information or services through the internet. Usually, business owners are too busy dealing with other aspects to run and maintain their business, with Webveloper they can take only a few minutes to input information, and the app will produce a quick website.

UX Journey
Inputting business information

Users had to answer questions about their business, through a questionnaire form page. The questions are displayed one at a time, so the user can focus their undivided attention per question to spend time giving their best answer. Questions such as their business industry, company tagline, team members, choose from a set of color schemes, etc; so the platform can generate a website preview.

Registering to customized

After the app generates a preview website the user has to sign up to customize their website further. Also to get access to their dashboard and account pages, where they will maintain their website.

Account and dashboard mode

Users can access their website(s) by checking the status if it's online, offline, or standby (if there are payment issues). If they need to edit anything, there's a contact section to record a bug or content edit; for a curated experience.


Webveloper produces fast websites because of a set number of designed templates. Each template has a section that customizes based on the user’s answers from the previous questionnaire.

Mobile optimized

The app’s set templates are optized to be responsive across multiple screen dimensions from desktop to mobile view.

Custom with multiple options

To make their website more personal to their style, users can pick design layout options per section of their website.

Dark or light theme

The user can pick an overall dark or light theme and two additional customized colors based on their business branding.