Hello there!
I'm Rica-Marie Arevalo.
Welcome to my portfolio!

I'm a Senior Product Designer who crafts intuitive user experiences, leveraging expertise in enterprise design and AI products. I've led projects that make tech life easier.

Designing tomorrow, today

mother • enterprise design • UX story teller • mentorlecturer • visual/graphic designer • unofficial boba tea sommelier • crocheter • illustrator • painter •  amateur home-barista
Companies I've contributed for
Marriott BonVoy
Interior Design magazine
Case Studies


Showcasing my collaboration skills with cross-functional teams and leadership experience gained as a university lecturer.

I hired Rica as our first designer on our team and she was an absolute gem. Not only was she a great listener who came up with elegant designs, she contributed her ideas after understanding what the needs were and was very flexible in working with the team. She was also adept at balancing multiple priorities and products while communicating in a straightforward fashion. We loved working with her.

Nikhil Paul

Former CTO at Presentr

Rica is an extremely talented designer. She is smart, driven, creative, reliable, and a great pleasure to work with. She has a great energy and puts her passion into everything that she does. Rica was able to quickly grasp the company vision and execute accordingly.

Michelle Zuchowicki

Former Product Manager at Pro

Easiest class ever, nicest professor ever. She is a literal angel. The workload feels fairly light compared to other classes, and she is not strict on attendance. If you have a chance to take her class, do it without second guessing. No regrets

Student 01

Former UMBC student

One of the best professors at this school. She understands the workload of a college student and just genuinely wants you to do well however that works for you. She is clearly knowledgable about UX/UI design. I plan on taking her again!

Student 02

Former UMBC student

A literal angel. She is the only professor who actually realizes the workload she gives and organizes the class on Blackboard so it's really simple and easy to understand the timeline for projects. She gives clear grading criteria and excellent feedback. Highly recommend her as a professor. Also had her for the  typography class and she was great.

Student 03

Former UMBC student

I absolutely loved Prof. Arevalo, she was a gem of a teacher and my favorite so far at UMBC. Had her for typography1 and she made sure everything was organized and easy to follow along with, as well as coordinated with other professors to make sure not everything was due the same day. The nicest teacher i've ever had. Highly recommend.

Student 04

Former UMBC student

What's next for me?

Actively seeking a company that aligns with my values and where I can make a large-scale long lasting impact for many years. I aspire to join a company that values design excellence, encourages the exploration of innovative ideas, and fosters a sense of belonging and fulfillment. Blending my passion for visual design, user experience design, project management, and mentoring.